Some Androids do not call 911 if you tell them to call an ambulance

Someone is not breathing. You panic, you grab your phone and you call for an ambulance.

Or is it?

Unfortunately, if you use an Android phone, you may not be. For example, you can instead request medical transportation that is not authorized to respond to emergencies.

As Idaho heads of state have recently reported, Android users using voice commands can tell their smartphone to "call an ambulance," but that phrase does not activate all Androids to call the US 911 emergency number. The newspaper has not specified which Android models 911 cannot choose.

However, tell Siri to call an ambulance and the voice assistant calls 911. That is a relief. But when some Android phones get that voice command, they get a list of ambulance companies instead. Alternatively, they can respond with a Google search that returns a blog post, for example, when it is appropriate to call an ambulance, states the statesman.

Dispatchers for injury care EMS – a company from Boise, Idaho that transports patients in its ambulances, including hospitals and nursing homes – told the news that they received a steady stream of calls intended to go to 911.